7 Proven Methods to Get Nutrition Clients

... Get nutrition clients and build the coaching business of your dreams.

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris Ph.D CSCS

If you’re like most nutrition coaches, you want to get more clients. 

But you may be confused about the best ways to actually find these clients so you can grow your nutrition coaching business.

That's why today- I am sharing seven proven strategies that can help you get your clients better results and grow your online nutrition coaching business.

#7 Niche Down

One of the smartest moves you can make as a nutrition coach is to find your niche. In the realm of nutrition coaching, this means tailoring your services to a specific segment of the market or a particular type of client.

Expertise and Better Results

Trying to help everyone turns you into a "jack of all trades, master of none." 

Specializing in a niche allows you to become an expert in that area. You deliver more targeted and effective coaching, which translates into better results for your clients. 

Enhanced Marketing

Niching down improves your marketing. You gain a deeper understanding of who you are trying to reach, enabling you to communicate more effectively with potential clients.

Creating social media content becomes more manageable because you know precisely what your target audience wants and needs. When someone stumbles upon your coaching profile, they immediately know if it's for them, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

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#6 Market Your Services on Social Media

In today's digital age, social media marketing is a powerful tool for nutrition coaches, especially those who are just starting their businesses.

In order to see the best results while posting on social media there are a few key factors to make sure you get right.

Speak to Your Niche

Start by speaking directly to your niche. Understanding your clients inside and out allows you to create content that resonates with them. Your content becomes magnetic when it addresses their specific needs and emotions.

Implement a Social Media Strategy

It's not enough to post randomly. A successful social media strategy involves consistent posting on various aspects of nutrition coaching. Share different tips, success stories, and even testimonials to showcase your expertise. Most importantly, don't shy away from discussing your coaching services. Make it clear to your audience that you are a coach and explain the next steps to get started.

#5 Give it Away For Free

Building trust with potential clients is a vital step in converting them into paying customers.

One way to build trust quickly with potential clients- is to provide them with a free helpful resource or assessment, so you can show them you have the solution to their problem.

Providing Valuable Resources

This doesn't mean you should give away your coaching services, but you can offer valuable resources like nutrition guides, informative blog posts, or even free consultations. This not only helps potential clients get quick wins but also demonstrates your expertise and the value you can provide.

The Power of Trust

Building trust is essential because, in the world of nutrition coaching, clients need to believe that you can help them. While some may worry that sharing too much information for free might lead clients to solve their problems independently, remember that the key to results isn't just knowledge but also its application. Clients still need your guidance and accountability.

#4 Collaborate with Non-Competitors

Expanding your client base often involves getting your services in front of new faces. One effective way to do this is to collaborate with non-competitors – businesses or organizations that have a customer base that might be interested in your services.

Finding Complementary Partners

Look for businesses such as gyms, chiropractors, or other health-related entities that do not offer nutrition coaching. Offer them something valuable, like a nutrition-based talk or a guest blog post, in exchange for promoting your services.

This mutually beneficial arrangement allows you to tap into a new client pool without competing directly with other nutrition coaches.

#3 Practice What You Preach

The best way to instill trust with your audience and potential clients- is to walk the walk and do the things you’re telling them to on a consistent basis. 

  Otherwise you come off as disingenuous.  

Show Don't Tell

You need to show your audience that you are walking the walk. Post stories, or videos of you working out, or making a healthy meal, and talk about your own training and nutrition goals, while showing how you are reaching them. 

Show people what it really looks like to live the results you’re promising them if they join your program.

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#2 Post Testimonials

Nutrition coaching is a results based business. If you want to convert a potential client from “just interested in your coaching”, to ready to sign up- the most powerful thing you can do is show them that you have helped others- just like them.

Post Testimonials Often

Posting testimonials should be a consistent part of your content strategy. Post before and after photos, video or text testimonials, and client wins. There is so much opportunity to show off your client’s results.

When posting testimonial content- make sure to demonstrate the transformation your client achieved. Vividly describe where your client was before working with you, what they struggled with, what they were stuck on, how it impacted other areas of their life. Then describe how life is better now.


#1 Keep Learning

Good coaches are always learning. Either by investing in workshops, courses, or certifications to learn new skills, or learning from their clients. There is something to improve on- that's why keeping yourself open to learning in key.

Take Feedback From Clients

If you want to provide the best coaching service of all time- giving your clients an opportunity to provide feedback is a must.

At first feedback, especially negative, can sting. But if you want to improve as a coach, taking feedback will help you see the gaps in your service. 

The more feedback you consider- the more your service will improve. Leading to better client results and more referrals. 

Invest in Your Education

In a fast-paced industry like nutrition, as coaches we need to stay up to date on the information out there by continuing to invest in education.

Not only does this make you a better coach, it makes you a higher value coach- so you can gain speciality skills and charge more.

Invest in courses or workshops to learn more about nutrition, coaching mindset, and business.

As great as all these tips are, if you’re really serious about starting a nutrition coaching business then the next thing you’re going to want to do is check out the video I have linked down below on the best tools to master client check-ins and save you time in the process. 

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