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...Using The "Coach For Hire Post"

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris CSCS

I was listening to a podcast the other day and one of the guests said something about the coaching world that resonated with me:

“As coaches, we’re all just trying to help people in the best way we can”

Which is completely true - most people get into this business to help people with their passion. Most would agree on that. 

One thing I’m seeing more and more in coaching circles that we don’t agree on is how to market our services. 

There’s a camp of people who believe it’s your job to coach. Do a good job, learn more and clients come to you. Anything you do to market or promote yourself is “salesy” or “scammy”

Another camp believes there’s more to the coaching business than just being a good job. And the key to helping more people is how we market our work and service.

Is there a “right” way?

Fair or not… It’s not the best coaches that get the most clients. It’s the coaches with the best marketing. 

And the ones that want to help more people with their skills and knowledge stay stuck, because they are afraid of doing the things that scare them (like being “salesy”). So if you’re in the business of helping people, and want to grow your business, you need to do things differently. 

There’s this current trend that you can assume everything you need to know about someone’s coaching from how they market themselves. For example, when you see someone putting an “I help” statement in a social media bio or “3 spots left” to fill a program or service you automatically assume they are being a sleazy, slimy, salesman. 

Is this a red flag? Or just a strategy to show up online to help people with your skills and passion. 

If we're trying to help people, does it matter? Most likely if it’s stopping you from doing what you need to do to grow your business.

The answer isn’t more “information”

So if you’re someone in the nutrition and fitness coaching space listen up: 

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of established coaches talk about the best way to get new clients is to “provide more value”.

You know. Give back. Educate. Provide Tips and Tricks. All through your social media content.

Do this and clients will come out of the woodwork and pay you.

Chances are that if you’ve done this, it isn’t working. Why? Shouldn’t you listen to established coaches in your area?

Yes…..but also No.

While their advice is well intentioned - you should educate people on what truly works (calorie deficit and linear progression etc.) and people will come to you as you give back to your community - they can’t see past their own viewpoints.

Which is that:

  • all that matters is being a good coach
  • your job is to coach and not to market yourself
  • being “salesy” is uncomfortable

And unfortunately, this leaves many new impressionable coaches broke and scrambling to grow their businesses.

AND EVEN WORSE, they think it has something to do with their competency, so they'll buy another textbook and spend hours watching informational YouTube videos on their craft. 

Which doesn't fix the problem.

It actually makes the problem worse.

Here’s the deal: you need to provide value and be a good coach (i.e. get clients results in a sustainable way). But there's more to it if you want to be successful - you also need to learn to market yourself.

This is where the “Coach For Hire Post” comes in

The Coach For Hire Post is something we teach in the Dr. Marc Method. It focuses on the science of psychology and marketing to get people to take action by making it glaringly obvious what you do: how you help people, what’s the outcome and how do they get it. 

Why is it important to spell this out in your content? Well my pal Jared Maynard from Unbreakable Strength (@jared.unbreakablestrength) said it best: 

“When it comes down to it,  it’s not about us anyway. If we’re in this to help people, specifically in a niche or with a particular problem, that’s who we need to be doing this for. Because they need to know what we offer. And if we believe we can help them, we owe it to them to make that clear and tell them what the outcome is going to be” 


Using the right strategy, you’ll get potential clients to take action in the form of hiring you to coach them, so you can truly help them with your passion.

Done well and it calls out exactly who your coaching is for, what is in it for them, and how do they connect with you to get the help they need. Remember, people need to be LED. They literally will not do things unless they are being told to. This isn’t misleading, it’s psychology.

Here are the key points of a “Coach For Hire Post”

1. Clearly states the problem in words the client can understand

Most coaches fail to attract clients because they use jargon, high level fitness  language, and terms that don’t make sense to clients. (i.e. nobody wants to hear about periodization or the Krebs cycle)

The solution is to use what we call “Client Conversation”, by speaking the language they do, so our clients know exactly what we’re talking about and can understand what’s in it for them.

2. Sells the result

The last thing a client wants to hear is about the amount of work they’re going to have to do and pain they’re going to have to endure to achieve a goal. 

What do they care about? The Dream. The Result. The finished product. So you need to clearly paint the picture of the result so they can visualize themselves getting there. 

3. Bakes in urgency and scarcity

Given the choice to take action now or take action later, most people will naturally put it off. We need to show them the importance of taking care of this TODAY and do it in a way that isn’t sleazy or salesy. 

SEE if you truly believe in what you do and what you sell, then you owe it to your client to get them to take action. After all, in what world is getting people to focus more on their nutrition and fitness a bad thing for the client? 

So stop being ashamed to do it, BUT you have to do it the right way.

4. Strong Call to Action (CTA) 

It’s not enough to just tell a client what to do, you need to show them the next clear and logical step and make it painfully easy and obvious for what they need to do next. 

With you being the guide and leader. You MUST work a strong Call to Action (CTA) into this type of post. Not doing so is just lazy and self-limiting. 

5. Optional: Put yourself on it

NEWSFLASH: People don’t like doing business with businesses, they like doing it with people. Especially if they’re looking for a coach. 

So the more authentic, relatable and human you can be, the higher likelihood you are going to have of attracting clients. There’s no more powerful weapon than showing up and smiling.

Why does this work so well? 

Why does marketing ourselves like this allow our clients to show up and get multiple clients each time they post?

Well it’s because the “Coach For Hire Post” is a small piece of the larger social media strategy we use in the Dr. Marc Method to help our clients start and grow successful and profitable online nutrition coaching business. 

And it all starts with clearly showing how you help people, what’s in it for them and what are the next steps.

In the trenches

But don’t just take it from me. I’ve asked 5 coaches who use this style of marketing (and doing it well) to share their experience. 

And even further, if you’re on the fence about using this approach, I’ve specifically asked them: 

“If a coach was hesitant to use this type of approach, what would you tell them?”

Here’s how they show up online and what they said:

Mitch Calvert (@mitchcalvertfitness)

I'd tell them to get out of their own way. It's selfish not to sell if your offer has the potential to save lives. You can't help someone until you sell them.”

- Mitch

AmyDeePharmD (@amydeepharmd)

“If you’ve put all this effort into learning and educating yourself, because you truly wanted to help people, but you don’t tell anyone how you can help them, or no one hears it,  you might as well have not even started.”

- Amy

Strong Jon Fitness (@strongjonfitness)

“It comes down to mindset, if you’re making posts and you don’t believe in them, or you feel a certain way about it, it’s going to come across in the content"

“I know coaches are talking a lot about seeing this type of “I’m looking” or  “I help content” - but the people we see in our social media circles as coaches are not the same as our clients (unless they are following dozens of different coaches), so I doubt those people are seeing it as often.”

- Jon

John Flagg (@john.rebuildstronger)

“The most common thing I see in our space is that their "salesy" gauge is way too sensitive. They are at a 2 with a hard CTA like this when they feel like they are a 10.”

“So it's talking it through to them that people don't typically just take action, they have to be led to it and told when. Not only that but also changing the mindset from "I'm selling something" to "I'm creating the opportunity to change a life" is important.” - John

Meredith (@theeverydayhealthcoach)

“I never used to post things like this - but I finally said enough is enough, and started to build confidence that I could help people. So I started using the “Coach For Hire Post” framework -  here’s how I can help you, here’s what I do and here are the next steps. Literally laying it out there and getting out of my own way”

- Meredith

Simple, straightforward, effective

These coaches are using elements of the  “Coach For Hire Post” framework and helping more people and making more money. 

Most coaches won’t do this though, because although they want to get clients, to help people and to make more money, they are afraid to show up like this.

^^^ but that’s great news for you 

Because as I’m sure you already know, no one will hire you if they don’t know what you do, how you help or if it’s even an option for them.

If you want clients, put the “Coach For Hire Post”  into action and fill your roster up.

- Dr. Marc

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