How Science-Based Nutrition Coaches Can Get More Clients

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris CSCS


When you first get started learning about nutrition - studying it, applying it, and benefiting from it - you get REALLY EXCITED.

Because it’s cool - you start learning how what you eat impacts your ability to get leaner, gain muscle, perform in sports, and your overall health. 

You learn about how this science can positively impact your life and those around you through simple formulas and applications. 

Maybe you learn the basics and want to share it with your friends and family. 

You may even go on to study it in university and advanced courses - maybe even in a PhD in Human Nutrition like me :) 

The problem is the more advanced you get, the more that you know, the harder it becomes to get clients. Let me tell you a story:

I spent 10+ years in University studying the ins and outs of SCIENCE.

Understanding the science of nutrition is important because we learn exactly how to get clients results and craft strategies that make it repeatable. This builds confidence.

It's all about getting things "right".

BUT, as you know, there are things that science gets "wrong". Especially when it comes to business - one that stands out is how to get clients.

Fair or not… It’s not the best coaches that get the most clients. It’s the coaches with the best marketing.

And a big part of this is in the way you write and create social media content. Most science-based coaches struggling to get clients are writing for the wrong audience - if your social media content reads like a scientific manuscript, you can be confident the information is "right", but not going to get you clients.

Here’s the difference:

In science, the goal is to get your work published in a scientific journal. So you write up your work in the following way:


Makes sense for the scientific community. right?

But as you know, your clients and potential clients aren't scientists. SO we don't need to start over but we can remove some fluff and some of the language so the client knows what's in it for them.

Like this:

Then we can do some re-organizing to make it flow better for the client:

When you start writing for your clients (and not just for how you learned through reading research etc.), the what and why is important and what they need to do next. It's important to gloss over the "how", because we confuse people by over teaching.

Think about it this way - I know nothing about cars, but I still drive one and need to have it serviced. So I have an automotive expert change my oil.

In the past, during an oil change, there's been technicians who rattle off advanced terms, talk in depth about things I don't care about, and generally make me feel clueless about car ownership. 

Even if they're real smart, I tend not to go back to them, because even though I respect their knowledge,  but I'm not going to buy from them again, because quite frankly, they showed off and I didn't understand them.

When compared to a technician with the same credentials, who's approachable and tells me exactly what I need to know in my terms I can understand - who do you think I'm going back to?

Our clients come for the goods and results, not for the technical, extensive background that we have.

For Nutrition Coaches, if you want to get more clients, it's important to use science in your nutritional approach to get results, but then we need to speak about it differently.

When you do, you're speaking and connecting to the people who need to hear it most and growing your business in the meantime.

- Dr. Marc

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