How To Attract More Paying Nutrition Clients

...Planting the seeds for the future.

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris CSCS

In the next two weeks, many people will hire a nutrition coach. Today I’m going to give you three strategies to make sure you are the coach they hire. 

Everyone knows that January is a very popular time to make health and fitness a priority. 

Nutrition coaches and trainers are slammed because of New Year’s resolutions. 

You really don’t have to do much to market yourself. Clients come to you. 

But, interestingly enough, September follows a similar pattern. 

It’s almost like a second January. 

People are settling into new routines after summer and many feel like they’ve put their health and fitness on the back burner. 

Business can be just as good as January, but only if you’re prepared for it. 

Don’t miss this wave with my three best strategies for getting new clients during this period. 

Let’s dive in.

Tip #1 Unscripted DON’T WAIT

95% of people are waiting until after Labour Day to settle into a routine. 

Make sure you're part of this new groove by getting in front of them now and being the "top-of-mind" option in their success.

This means showing up at least once per day. 

We call this the heartbeat method. You need to exist. 

You need to talk about stuff that is relevant to your ideal client. What they want and desire, or just stuff they like and you’ll stay top of mind. 

That one is super simple but so important. You just need to show up. 

If you don’t show up and talk about your business, along with why it will helps the people that will follow you. 

You won’t have a business. 

But is there anything easier than just constantly trying to find new people to hire you?

Tip #2 Reach out to previous clients 

Constantly trying to find new clients is DRAINING. 

But guess what? You've already built know-love-trust with people who have hired you in the past. 

Reach out to them about their goals and they may want to get back to coaching.

There are three things you need  to think about here: 

  1.  Don’t show up empty-handed 
  2. Actually care
  3. Think about new goals and what’s next 

You would not believe how many people come BACK to work with me. 

Two times, three times. 

This doesn’t mean nutrition coaching work, it means they value accountability and guidance. 

Give them the opportunity to work with you again. 

But what about the people that don’t know you at all and might be delaying getting started. Is there anything else you can do to lock them in? 

Tip #3 Talk now, work later

Don't trust what people say they will do. 

Even if people don't want to start a program or coaching for another few weeks (...which is fair).

That doesn't mean they can't commit to now—grab deposits and solidify start dates and they can start later.

This is the same advice I would give to coaches that can’t handle any more clients too. 

Make plans for them to start later, and create a waitlist. 

And that’s it, folks. 

3 steps and you’ll easily get 5 new paying nutrition clients heading into Fall. 

People are going to hire a coach anyway, might as well put in a little extra work to make sure it’s you. 

Remember, as coaches, we aren’t hunters, we are farmers. 

Plant the seeds now so you can make more money this harvest. 

As great as all these tips are, if you’re really serious about starting a nutrition coaching business then the next thing you’re going to want to do is to check out the video I have linked down below since you know how to get scrappy to pick up some new clients NOW, learn how to create a social media plan that gets clients later. 

So make sure to check it out now and I’ll see you in the next time.

Social Media Strategy for Nutrition Coaches.

Develop a social media strategy for your nutrition coaching business and attract your dream clients. 

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