Is There Anything GOOD About the Carnivore Diet?

... Is it healthy to eat ONLY animal products?

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris Ph.D CSCS

The Carnivore Diet has captured widespread attention in the nutrition world, characterized by its exclusive focus on animal products.

As a PhD in Human Nutrition, I've had my reservations about the diet. However, with a diet this popular, there must be redeeming qualities. That's why today we'll dissect the pros of the Carnivore Diet and look at its full impact on health and well-being.

A Strict Elimination Diet

The Carnivore Diet functions as an extreme form of an elimination diet, excluding all plant-based foods. This strict approach may improve digestion, energy levels, and overall vitality for some individuals, akin to the benefits observed in traditional elimination diets.

While elimination diets can be beneficial in the short term, I recommend a more careful approach under medical supervision for identifying specific trigger foods and addressing underlying health concerns long-term.

Emphasis on Protein Intake

Another beneficial aspect of the Carnivore Diet is how it centers around protein. Many people, including those aiming for weight loss and muscle gain, often struggle to meet their protein requirements. By eating only meat and animal products, the Carnivore Diet will help increase protein intake and also improve satiety with the meals you eat while on the diet.

However, it is worth noting that it is entirely possible to increase protein intake- while including plant-based foods. 

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Potential for Weight Loss

Weight loss is a common reason people try new diets, and the Carnivore Diet is another example of a diet that could lead to weight loss. The high protein content and minimal processing of animal products can improve satiety, boost metabolism, and help retain muscle mass, which all lead to fat loss. 

Cooking at Home and Dietary Control

Preparing meals at home using whole, unprocessed ingredients is a fundamental aspect of healthy eating. The Carnivore Diet necessitates cooking the majority of meals at home due to limited prepackaged options and restaurant menu items.

This hands-on approach to food preparation lets people on the Carnivore Diet take more control over what they’re eating, alter their meals to specific dietary needs, and grow their skills in the kitchen.

Community Support and Adherence

Adherence to any diet is important for its success, and the Carnivore Diet has proven to have a supportive online community. Through social media platforms, dedicated websites, and online forums, people following the Carnivore Diet find encouragement, recipe ideas, and motivation from like-minded individuals. The sense of community can make it easier to stick to the diet and provide invaluable support on the journey toward dietary change. 

The Carnivore Diet has potential benefits, including short-term symptom relief, increased protein intake, weight loss, homemade foods, and community support. However, these benefits must be weighed against the risks of nutrient deficiencies, dietary imbalance, and long-term sustainability.

While the Carnivore Diet may offer temporary relief or serve as a temporary elimination diet under medical supervision, having a nutrient-diverse diet in your everyday life is important. Not to mention that most of the "benefits of the carnivore diet are completely possible to obtain while eating fruits and vegetables.

In conclusion, while there are more benefits to the carnivore diet than the media lets on- the science is still not conclusive if this diet is safe or necessary to reach your weight loss goals.

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