How To Create A Profitable Nutrition Coaching Offer

Written by: Dr. Marc Morris CSCS

If you want to start or grow a nutrition coaching business that makes money, you need to have a few different things.  

You need coaching skills, but you also need business skills that ties it all together. 

Sure, you're going to need to know the science of nutrition and be able to get clients results.

That's a given.

But what most coaches overlook is the business aspect. 

And to be quite frank, it's the reason why 4 out 5 online coaches don't make it Year 2 in their businesses.

(but you're here, so it's pretty obvious you're not one of THOSE coaches)

If you want to create a profitable online nutrition coaching business that stands the test of time, you need to develop BUSINESS SKILLS.

There's a reason why the Dr. Marc Method nutrition coaching program pumps out so many successful graduates.

Because unlike other nutrition coaching certifications, that provide a basic background on nutrition but leave you clueless on what to do next, we show you how to put everything you learn into action through actually building a nutrition coaching business.

Actually, the first thing we teach is making sure your nutrition coaching offer lines up with your skills, knowledge and situation.

With that in mind, let me tell you about three types of nutrition coaching offers to get a better understanding of the best situation for you. 

Let's break these down offer by offer: 

1) Low-ticket offer (>$100 one-time or per month)

A low-ticket nutrition coaching offer usually comes in the form of a monthly membership or informational product like an e-book. It generally takes more time up front to develop, but doesn't require a true coaching component afterwards.

PROS: If you're strapped for time and have above average communication skills, you can use this offer to make money while you sleep! Additionally, with the right social media content and sales page, you can sell this offer without having to talk to one (i.e. just click to buy).

CONS: Given the low price-point, these offers tend to attract more clients that don't take it seriously (this means you have less testimonial content). Also, results tend to suffer since it makes no sense to individualize this product (see next two offers for that). Also since it's not worth your time to get on a sales call to sell this offer, sales conversions are typically lower.

FINAL NOTES: Best suited for coaches with an established social media following (good example: Jeff Nippard). You need to sell A LOT of low-ticket products to make a full time income.

2) Medium-ticket offer ($150-300 per month)

Medium-ticket is the most popular offer in the nutrition coaching for a reason. With the right social media content and delivery, coaches of varying skill and experience levels can sell it. And the average client can afford it. Win-win.

The delivery comes as an individualized nutrition plan with weekly check-ins and adjustments. Client onboarding takes a bit longer than weekly check-ins (~1 hour), but once you are rolling it doesn't require large amounts of time (~15 mins per week). The average client will work with you for 4-6 months, but it's not uncommon for some clients to stay up to 5+ years, even after long-term goals have been achieved.

PROS: An individualized approach will always produce superior results for your clients. You can create this offer without a website or sales page, but you'll want a dialed in assessment process and application form to convert the sale (most don't need to get on sales call for a coaching service less than $300 per month). Additionally, although you will have better success if you niche down your coaching focus, you don't NEED to with a medium-ticket offer. Overall, a very simple and time effective process.

CONS: With some simple math, you'll realize you need to get to 25-50 clients at $200 per month to make 5-10K per month. That's a lot of coaching and clients to manage. Without the right expectations and boundaries, good coaches have a tendency to burn out. You'll create a fantastic life for yourself with this offer, but no one is getting pose-in-front-of-a lambo-rich without creating a coaching team and servicing hundreds of clients.

FINAL NOTES: This is where most coaches should start. You don't need a big social media following to pull it off and you develop the reps and experience to become an excellent coach (can't skip this part). Also, this is the best path to get to offer #3.

3) High-ticket offer ($500-1000+ per month)

Studies have shown that at any given time, most nutrition coaches have anywhere between 5 to 9 business coaches in their DM's trying to convince them they can walk on water with a high-ticket offer (ironically they will also be selling you this process through a high ticket offer). Obviously, with lots of money being passed around the stakes are HIGH. But something funny happens the more money someone invests into a coaching product (read what's next).

PROS: Since you'll only be able to sign so many high-ticket clients you have plenty of time to deliver great results (and better work-life balance). Additionally, since people pay for results and not so much for the delivery, great coaches can make more in a fraction of the time. Since your clients are so invested, they are more likely to do the work and get great results.

CONS: People are going to be paying mortgage-level cost for this service, so it's high pressure. Also, and this may be a pro for some, but you're not going to sign clients without getting on a sales call and working on your sales skills.

FINAL NOTES: The high ticket offer is best suited for experienced nutrition coaches or expert coaches selling a mentorship service to other coaches (many of my 1:1 clients are doing this).

WRAPPING UP: Obviously, there is a lot to consider when creating the perfect nutrition coaching offer, so if you'd like some specific advice on your situation feel free to reach out ([email protected]). 

- Dr. Marc

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